A conservatorship is a court proceeding during which the court essentially assumes a guardian-like role over an individual who can no longer make decisions for themselves. This person is referred to as a “conservatee.” During this process, someone will be appointed to make decisions on behalf of the conservatee. That person is referred to as a “conservator.”

A conservatorship can be costly and time consuming. In most cases, a conservatorship can be avoided completely with proper, advance planning. Once you have experienced the conservatorship process with a family member, you will undoubtedly have a new appreciation for proper estate planning.

In those situations where a conservatorship becomes unavoidable, it is critical to have an experienced attorney help you through the often complicated and overwhelming process. We will share our expertise with you to help make this difficult experience easier on you and your family. Our experience includes assisting various family members in contested proceedings.

If your family is facing a conservatorship, contact us for advice and guidance. We are here to help.

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